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Shipping & Returns

1. need shipping terms
The details required for shipping will include your full name, address and phone number. Please note that we can not deliver the goods only by postal code and email or similar mail.
Please be sure to include the correct shipping address and phone number.
Please allow 8-12 days to deliver your item.
We will send you a tracking number within 24-36 hours of receiving your payment.

2. Tracking method
After your order is ready to ship, we will send you an EMS tracking quote. &website. There are two ways to get information about us, <1.> Visit our website and sign in again to check for updates.
Check your email as we will send an update status to your email address.
Note: (If you can not check the Tracking number immediately, please be patient with Express for some time).
3. unsuccessful or wrong delivery
If you contact us with the wrong or incomplete address, we are not responsible for the return.
For customers who have not received the package within 12 working days, Please contact your local post office. However, you can check with your nearest post office about your ID card or other valid certificate and the information so copied, so that you can print it when you log in to your registered account on our site

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